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Is My Blogging Service For You?

Not all relationships work

Nobody knows that more than a real estate agent right?

I mean approximately a third of our business comes from separations and divorce. It also seems, from my experience at least, that about a third of people in real estate sales are also on their second or third marriage or significant relationship. 

Sad but true. Or maybe not so sad depending on who you’re breaking up from 🙂

My point is,  most relationships start out with both parties having the best of intentions but for many reasons things often don’t work out. Each party blames the other but the truth usually lays somewhere in the middle. But 9 times out of 10 it’s due to poor communication from one or both parties. 

I won't work with everyone - here's why

My aim is not to just take your money.

I want to ensure that you get results . By delivering actionable steps that can be implemented quickly, and for far less cost then your current efforts, you will be encouraged to keep going.

I am passionatate about helping you to grow as an agent and share what I’ve learned from my extensive real estate and content marketing experience. But both life and real estate have taught me, that not everyone is a good fit. We all have different ways of doing things, or different perspectives and experiences. 

But if you’re passionate, driven, genuinely love what you do and are prepared to possibly move out of your comfort zone a little bit,  I think we have the basis of something great.

But Be Warned

This is not a get rich quick scenario, nor will it deliver results without any effort on your part. 

On average it will take a consistent effort of 3 months before you will see significant progress.  But, the time committment is far less than that of traditional prospecting methods. The financial commitment is also way less! And to top it off the results are measurable and out of all proportion to the effort that you put in. 

Why Blog?

Blogging provides many opportunites that traditional prospecting methods just don’t offer.

Blogging allows you to develp that know, like and trust factor that is crucial real estate success.  When potential prospects read your content, watch your videos, or sign up for one of your offers, they are starting to connect with you in a way that a Just Sold or Just Listed DL in their mailbox can’t match.

It also allows you to reach local sellers who don’t live in the area. Think about investors, owners of holiday homes, FIFO workers and FSBO’s. When these people think about selling, usually the first thing they do is to get on- line and start searching for local agents. I’ve never met an owner who’s run out to the mailbox to see if there’s a DL in the maibox or an agent walking the street. 

Yes, I’ve gotten listings from doorknocks and letterbox drops purely because I appeared at an opportune time.  Over time your own blog will create better quality leads, and more of them.

What You Get

If you’re over the hard slog, monthly grind and unappreciative cients then you really have absolutely nothing to lose (but everything to gain).

I will provide you with everything that you need to have a successful blog. One that ranks on Google and is full of content that your local sellers and buyers want to know about.  Potential sellers will see you as the expert in your local area and your pipeline will fill up with people that only want to work with you.

My strategically formulated content plan is created only after consultation with you. 

I will include the topics that sellers and buyers are looking for in your local market. This will save you the tedious task of having to work out what to post on your blog. 

You don’t want to create content that nobody wants, right?

They are searching Google everyday and inputting questions that they need more information on. 

Be the agent that delivers that information to them and watch your business soar.

Blog Management Services

Tailored plans to suit your budget, time commitment and expectations
  • I will post your content to your blog and optimise it for SEO purposes
  • I will conduct a full analysis of your current blog and provide you with a comprehensive action plan to improve your online results
  • You'll receive a detailed content plan of exactly what to post about - never be stuck for blog content again
  • Want to keep a sneaky eye on your competitors? I'll show you what's working for them and what's not!
  • Google Analytics and the Facebook Tracking Pixel are essentail for every blog - I will add these to your site
  • Be found in Google's search results and dominate your local market
  • Perfect for individual agents to give them a genuine point of difference against their competitors

Blog Management Services For Real Estate Agents

Frequently Asked Questions

In simple terms a website is usually created and then basically forgotten about with the exceptioin of the odd update here or there. A Blog is different. Goolge loves fresh up-to-date content. So for a site to rank it needs to have regular updates.  This is done via a blog. A blog can be added to an existing website or it can be set up as a stand alone blog. 

Blog Management Services require a 3 month commitment.  This is because you won’t receive results overnight. But just like saving money, getting fit or dieting, the results will come with a consistent effort. And it’s much easier than dieting or exercising, I promise 🙂

You will be provided with enough topics to produce at least one blog post, video or podcast each week for 12 weeks. 

Once the initial 12 week contract period is over you are then free to continue on however you wish and no contract is required.

You will need to decide which platform best suits you. It might be via your own blog, You Tube or even a Podcast. But it MUST be a platform that you have control over and Facebook or Instagram just wont cut it. This method is all about growing YOUR audience so you need to have full control over that, and with Facebook or Instagram you don’t. 

A platform is anywhere where you have full control over the content on the page. For example, your own Website Blog, your own Podcast or to some degree your own You Tube Channel.

Building a following of loyal locals is pointless if the only way that you can serve them is through Facebook or Instagram. We do not control these platforms. They are constantly changing and we can be kicked off them at any time.

Do not put your hard work at risk by building your community on someone elses land.

I work with driven agents who are passionate about real estate and in growing their pipeline, serving their community and increasing their commissions.

In all honesty there is no point you wasting your money on a Blueprint if you’re not prepared to set up your own platform to distribute it. 

But, if you’re still keen, I’m happy to take your money 🙂 

Yes, I do.

I can build your blog site, set you up with a You Tube Channel or Podcasting Platform. Or  all three if you wish!

Book a FREE Discovery Call to work out the best way forward for you!

That would depend on the style of writing that you’re after. I am not a professional writer, but I  do a fair bit of writing for this site and understand the intricacies of content marketing in the on-line world.

If you’re interested in discussing it further please contact me so that I can assess what is required and to see if I can produce what you need.

Here's how it works

My Blog Management Service will ensure that your content ends up in front of your ideal client, your future sellers.  I will set up the back end of your Blogsite to ensure that your contend is optimised . There is far more to ranking on Google then having a nice pretty website with all the bells and whistles.

 I will set up your website and blog using SEO best practices. I will produce a thoroughly researched content plan. 

That way you can create content for your blog/website that people actually want. This is how to start appearing in Google’s search results.

My WordPress Websites and Content Blueprints are created only after a full consultation with you.

No two strategies are the same.

This is not a generic, one size fits all approach. 

The link above will take you to a link where you can book a free call. By clicking the link you will receive a questionnaire. Once I’ve received your completed Questionnaire, I will be in touch within 12 hours to answer any questions and discuss moving forward. 

You are under no obligation at this point. Following our discussion if you decide to move forward I will provide you options for payment and then we can get started! 


Prefer to get straight to it?

Then give me a call on 0424 143 520. If you are outside of Australia call +61 424 143 520 

Don't yet have an Existing Website or Blog?