Real Estate Marketing Blueprint | Social Media and Blog Post ideas


If you struggle to come up with real estate content for your social media posts, your blog, or your real estate website, this Content Blueprint is sure to make life much easier for you!

Get 12 months’ worth of content topics specifically for your local market.

Your Content Blueprint is like your very own real estate content marketing plan. One that has been designed specifically with your ideal client in mind. Full of topics that will ensure have local sellers and buyers engaging with you and telling your friends all about you.

It doesn’t matter where you are located, your blueprint will be tailored specifically for you, your market and your geographical area.

Your Blueprint will be thoroughly researched and no two blueprints are ever the same. I provide extensive information on what is being sought online by locals to your area.  There is no guessing on your part to determine what local sellers and buyers are interested in when they search on social media or on Google.  I provide it all for you.

Not only will you never be stuck for social media ideas, blog posts, website content, or newsletter ideas again, but you’ll really start to connect and engage with your local market. Use this blueprint for your real estate social media and real estate digital marketing strategy.

Don’t just use the Blueprint for your social media strategy. It will fast become the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. Google rewards on-line effort. This is how they determine the best agent in your area. They do not care who does the most door-knocks in your area or who shoves the most Just Solds and Just Listed brochures into letterboxes. They care about your on-line actions and nothing else. So if you have a website be sure to use the ideas here on your website as well and not just for your social media posts.

Reminder: This product is not a one size fits all approach. Each Blueprint is thoroughly researched and is specific to the individual agent, their geographic location, and their ideal customer or client. The Blueprint also includes an online analysis of your top three competitors. 

Unlike my other services, this one does not offer a money back guarantee due to the extensive research involved. If you are unsure please call, Skype or email prior to ordering. If you do go ahead, I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

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