Real Estate Agent Websites & Blogs


If you’re a real estate agent without an active blog you WILL be left behind in the next few years.

Blogging is the perfect way for you to communicate with your target audience long before they ever think about speaking with an agent.

The sellers in your area are going to Google in search of answers to their real estate questions.

Be the agent that gives them what they want.


Fully optimised, will display perfectly on iPhone, iPad and desktop.

Built on a solid foundation of white hat SEO practices.

  •  have full control over your real estate future
  •  reduce your marketing and printing costs
  • scale your efforts – prospect one to MANY instead of one to one
  • be more productive and efficient each week with your extra hours
  • keep your Principal off your back – you’ll be getting in front of more prospects and booking more appraisals
  • crap your REA Banner Ads and RMA Subscription Costs – you won’t need them to stand out on-line
  • Keep your significant other happy! You’ll be working less and earning more
  • Attract better quality clients
  • Actually have that elusive work-life balance