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Principal's Package

Are you a Real Estate Principal?

Real estate agency websites usually look good, but does yours generate many leads for you or your team?

If you’re like most Real Estate Principals,  you became one because you loved selling

and were passionate about real estate.

How long did that enthusiasm and passion take to wane once you changed hats from

Real Estate Agent to  Real Estate Principal?

Most Principals that I’ve met, or worked with over the years, became a Real Estate Principal because they:

  • were sick of the restrictions placed on them by their previous employer
  • wanted to earn more money
  • wanted to grow a business from scratch,
  • were inspired to leave a legacy for their children,
  • actually thought that they could create more of a work/life balance
  • were tired of unreasonable commission splits, or
  • just wanted to do it their way.

For most, the reality of being a Principal isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Yes there are benefits, but the benefits often come with an incredible amount of emotional and physical stress.

This isn’t why you got into business for yourself.

Your goal was not to deal with one headache or crisis after another.

As agents we often feel like Jugglers

But when you swap your Agent's Hat for a Principal's Hat, well that's a whole different ball game

real estate agency websites

And like most circuses there’s a lot going on.

Unfortunately, many great agents are not the best managers.  And to be honest, many are crap at it.

It makes sense when you think about it. 

The skills needed to be successful as a real estate agent, are very different to those needed as

a real estate principal.

As a selling agent your focus is on selling and listing property, dealing with buyers and negotiating deals etc. But when you change hats and become a real estate principal your focus changes. It becomes more about managing staff, accounts, admin, IT, Property Management. The list goes on and often so do your headaches.

It wasn’t meant to be like this.

You love selling but despite your very best efforts you’ve struggled to gain the traction that you were expecting.

You seem to be spending all your time on the things that you dislike about the business and less and less time on the things that you actually enjoy, like listing and selling property.

You’re starting to wonder whether you should have just stayed working as a real estate agent. You were certainly earning more and you didn’t have anywhere near the stress that you do now.

You’re own internal dialogue isn’t great and you’re also getting pressure from your significant other. Trying to remain positive in front of your clients and staff is difficult. As for work/life balance, can you even remember what that feels like? 

You Know That Things Need To Change

When you start wheel spinning in your business you pray that your staff, vendors, landlords, and potential clients cannot see the internal chaos that you are faced with on an almost daily basis. 

You  have nightmares at times about how you are going to keep the doors open, and how to find PM and admin staff that are reliable and productive.

You want your Real Estate Agents to spend more time prospecting and doing deals instead of just giving you excuses.
real estate agency websites

If you want to:

  • Attract more clients to your agency
  • Dramatically Improve your sales results
  • Bring in more managements
  • Significantly improve conversion rates
  • Positively engage with your local community and actually endear them to you
  • Reduce your marketing and printing costs
  • Reduce the time that you spend prospecting
  • Dramatically improve your ROI for prospecting and marketing
Note: if we are hit with a second wave of Covid 19 this method of lead generation will not be impacted at all!

You Need A Blog

But Not Your Typical Agency Blog!

Blogging is a great way for you to stand out as the go-to agent in your local community and connect with those looking to sell.

Most agencies don’t have an active blog. The few that do, are rarely doing it right. 

The content is often generic corporate content that has no appeal to your target audience.

This is your chance to dominate your local market.

As a Real Estate Principal You Know
Better Than Most That
The Numbers Don't Lie

So let me share some numbers that should get you excited!
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