5 Easy Ways to Come Up With Real Estate Blog Content

Creating relevant and engaging real estate blog content on a consistent basis can be difficult. 

In my post on agent websites I talked briefly about the importance of posting regularly.  Sometimes that can be easier said than done.

If you struggle coming up with real estate blog content ideas on a regular basis the following tips should help.

Creating Content for your Real Estate Website & Real Estate Social Media

How to post regular and relevant information that your audience wants.

1. Have a schedule

Having a schedule is a great way to keep on track. When planning my blog content, I divide the year into quarters. I then mark out the peaks and troughs in my business (according to my audiences needs and wants and not my own) and anything that is seasonal to my business.

I use WordPress as a blogging platform. There is an option to allow you to schedule your posts. This means that you can create your real estate blog content and upload it all at once. You can ‘drip feed’ your written and digital content out to your audience or subscribers as frequently as you like.

This works well and you can batch your work for efficiency.

Do not forget to steer traffic to your post by sharing it on your social platforms. It is really important for maximising your reach and getting more eyeballs on your content.

I will be discussing this in a future article. To be notified click here.

2. Check online resources

A search of online resources in your local area, along with a visit to some local Facebook pages, and you will soon have a full calendar of what is going on in your area for the next 12 months.

Do not feel that you must post about everything. Just choose the events that you would be interested in covering or that align with what you do as a real estate agent.

Another way to get ideas is from the local paper and the local information centre. They are great places to start and will usually provide you with an idea that you would not have otherwise thought of.

3. Keep notes on your phone or a notepad in your car

You never know when inspiration will strike. Be sure that you can jot down your ideas wherever you are. Do not run the risk of having to remember it later.

4. Contact the local schools in your area

Or search their website to find out what events they have scheduled for the year. It could be the yearly cross country, the swimming carnival, a fete, or a fund raiser.

Whatever it is, choose something that you would be happy to promote and think of creative ways that you could share it on your blog or website.

5. Find out what is trending

It’s a good idea to set up a Google alert for your area. Once set up you will receive notifications when your chosen topic shows up in Google Search. This is a useful way to generate real estate blog content ideas.

One way that this can be useful is if there are developments going on in your area. Create some authority with the locals by being the first agent to produce information on the topic.

Another helpful tool is Google Trends. If there is a hot topic of interest happening in your neighbourhood check it out on Google Trends.

Mistakes agents are making with social media

Making it about themselves, not their potential client

When trying to make an impact online many agents make their content about them, not their audience. 

With your social platforms, at least 80% of your content should be to entertain, inspire or in some way educate. People don’t go on Facebook to be sold to.

If you are posting more than 20% listings, sales, or your results in general, you are doing yourself a disservice and risk being unfollowed by your audience. Many that don’t unfollow will just scroll on. Sure, your Mum will probably still hang around but unless you plan on selling her house…….

For an interesting infographic that might surprise you about your true reach on Facebook click here , then scroll about one third of the page down.

A blog gives you a better opportunity to share your content. The people that view your blog are intentionally seeking you out. 


Unlike social media, the best thing about a blog is that with targeted keyword research, you can provide the exact information that your ideal client is searching for online. This is key to growing your reach within your local community. (I’ll be covering this topic in detail in future content. To be notified click here.


A real estate blog gives you the chance to truly connect with your ideal client. By sharing information on your blog that answers their pain points you start do develop credibility and become the go-to agent that they start to trust, even before you have ever met them. 

People love behind the scenes content, they love seeing bloopers from your videos and to see you as more relatable and just like them. So be sure to share the fun, and the not so perfect stuff too!  

For further explanation about the difference between a blog and a website see my article about how to start a blog and why you need one.


Not staying ahead of the crowd

When planning out your blog content it is important to work backwards and allow enough time.

For example if you are putting information on your blog about entertaining kids in your suburb, during the school holidays you want to make sure you allow enough time to pull together an article or video that will be timely.

By having this information available before the holidays start you have more chance of your audience sharing it with others. You also will not be competing with as many other posts.

Don’t be so disorganised that by the time you get around to uploading your information, the holidays are almost over. People will no longer be interested in reading your content as it will be outdated.

Where to from here.

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