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13 great content ideas for your real estate blog

Stuck for Real Estate Blog Content Ideas?

Coming up with regular and relevant real estate blog content might seem daunting at first. But if you stay in tune with your market and follow these real estate blogging tips you will never be stuck for real estate content ideas again.

How to come up with blog content ideas

For an experienced agent, finding blog topics that will interest your ideal market should not be difficult.

Think about the types of questions that you are continually asked by vendors or buyers. What type of content will be of interest to your intended audience?

Give thought to their pain points, areas of confusion and the topics that people are often misinformed about.

As a real estate agent, you are already considered, by most, to have knowledge of the industry. You may or may not be considered an expert yet, but you would likely be considered an authority at least.

If you are new to the industry tag along to an open home or a listing presentation and take notes, mental or otherwise, of the things that sellers or buyers seek clarification on. In no time at all you will begin to see a pattern emerge.

We generally know our market and by giving a bit of thought to this it will not take long to come up with great blog topic ideas.

Attract Sellers and Buyers like Bees to Honey | Real Estate Content Ideas

Let’s break it down;

When working with sellers they generally want to know:

When working with buyers they usually want to know things like:

This is by no means an exhaustive list. It is merely to provide an overview to get you started. When thinking about your real estate blog content think about the way that you will share your content.

You might want to write a blog post, like this one. Or for something a little more complicated to explain your audience might prefer a video. Or you could do both.

You can record the video, have it transcribed. Then put the video on your blog with the transcription underneath. That way your audience can choose how they want to digest your pearls of wisdom 😊.

If you have been in the industry for a little while you will know that buyers and sellers are often confused with the terminology and jargon that we use.

For example, many vendors, in NSW at least, get confused between an agency agreement and a contract. They will talk about signing a contract with the agent when they are referring to an agency agreement.

As a passionate real estate professional, you could film yourself discussing the difference. You could then post the transcription on your blog with some images of an Agency Agreement and a Sale Contract.

When coming up with ideas for your real estate blog content of ideas for your real estate website, think about what you can offer your audience that will help them.

You could put together an article or video on ‘5 questions you should always ask when interviewing agents’ or ‘3 things you must do when selling your home privately’. These are topics that sellers want, and need, to know.

Keep in mind that this is about them, not you. Do not threaten to give them 5 things and then tell them that they need to sign up to your email list or be part of your database before you provide any info. This will not win you any heats and it will likely go against you when they are considering agents.

It is all about being helpful.

Your real estate blog content should include lots of locally based content. This locally based content does not need to be real estate related. It is better if it is not. This will provide you with a well- rounded blog and a better experience for your audience.

Aside from the suggestions made above, your blog should Include posts on local attractions, popular restaurants, and local businesses. If you are in a predominantly first home buyer area you might want to include information on local childcare or primary schools.

When coming up with real estate blog topics think about what brings people to your area. Google loves hyper local content. This will help you to appear in search engine results when somebody looks for an agent in your area.

People are going to be searching these popular topics for information. Think about an out of area buyer who is looking to move to the area. They search on- line for information about local schools in the area.

If you have written a great article about the local primary school and included a map of the catchment area. When people enter their search into Google, your article is served up to them as being the most relevant for their search. This occurs because Google are seeing you as an authority on that topic. You can see an example of this on my real estate blog.

Other topics that you might want to write about are things like, where to get the best coffee in Glebe (or any suburb that is in your target area). You might do a review on the top three places to get a great coffee.

You could interview local business owners and add those interviews to your blog. Share a snippet of the interview on one of your social platforms with links to the full article on your blog.

Have the local business owner tag you and mention it on their own social platforms and you have just boosted your audience tenfold. This is not at all difficult to do.

I challenge you to find a business owner that would say no to a request for an interview about their business. You do not need to make it a full-scale production. And it is usually better if it is not. You will come across as more relatable.

It is perfectly fine to record it on your mobile phone. Just make sure that the audio is good. The online world is far more forgiving of video, but they will turn off immediately if the audio is shot.

What it is about your area that attracts people to want to live there? Is it the café culture, the beaches, the historic buildings, the art galleries, the great school? Is their a yacht club? These are some of things that attract people to particular areas.

Before you start writing your article or hitting that record button on your phone you will need to do some keyword research to check what people are searching for. Otherwise your carefully created content may not be found.

Content marketing allows you to build valuable relationships with your ideal client. It is a great way to help you with your real estate lead generation and it is much easier than you might think. One form of content marketing is blogging. If you not sure what blogging is and how to get started you can find out here.

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