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Real Estate Digital Marketing – The Best Way To Build Community

Traditional marketing methods not getting you clients? Try connecting with your local community via Real Estate Digital Marketing.

Are you still spending thousands of dollars on traditional real estate marketing methods such as print, DL flyers or billboards? Are you finding it hard to compete with newer real estate digital marketing companies such as realestate.com.au (or Zillow for US readers), who give preference to the agents with the biggest budgets?

Are you struggling to get found online or sick of paying a fortune in subscription costs and banner ads but know you need to keep an online presence? You need to try connecting with your community via digital marketing.
Real estate digital marketing
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Digital marketing includes everything we do online. Social media, blogs, videos, free content via email lists, webinars and search engine marketing just to name a few. These days your prospective customers are online more than ever, connected in the digital space in ways that were previously unheard of.

This provides you as an agent with a unique opportunity to connect with local communities and establish yourself as the local expert in your field. Connection by adding value will lead to greater influence, more sales leads and less traditional ‘marketing’ for you.

Better yet, you can do it for free! How much time and money do you spend each year on physical marketing of your personal or corporate real estate brand? How many hours spent walking the suburb dropping flyers, door knocking and handshaking (or engaging in a COVID 19 safe elbow bump)?

What if you could skip it all and get some work life balance? Real estate digital marketing can be done from your couch, and cost nothing if you work on becoming a valuable member of your local community instead of advertising to them. Use digital marketing the way you would network in person, introduce yourself, get to know the other parties, and share some interesting knowledge.

How does Real Estate Digital Marketing actually work in practice?

I’ve led you to believe digital marketing can create greater connections to your local community, leading to greater influence in your community, concluding with more sales leads and less work for you. I can understand why you may be sceptical. And it won’t come without effort on your part.

You are going to give away information, share your secrets and show your knowledge. This is called content marketing. You are going to do this to add value to your services, to serve your local community as a member. This will introduce you to people who will eventually need an agent and remember you as the person who always seemed to have the answers.

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Think about what you wished you knew when you first started in Real Estate. Ask your friends and family what they wished they knew when they first sold their house or bought their first house. Think about what makes your area special, the parks, the schools, the atmosphere at the local coffee shop. This is the beginning of your content marketing topics list. You can also find some great blog idea suggestions here, if you are stuck. When you give potential clients information for nothing, when you offer up knowledge expecting nothing in return, you begin to add value to your local community, and thus grow your own local influence.

You are going to use all these questions, all these highlights of your area, as topics on your blog or your social media news feed, as answers to questions on local social media groups and as images for your Instagram feed.
You are going to write a really informative extended article such as the Top 10 tips for selling your home in Canberra (or your location) and you are going to give it away for free on your website to anyone who signs up for your newsletter. This is the first step to creating a great marketing email list – which will be a topic for another day.

What will digital real estate marketing do for me?

Still unconvinced? Why would you want to spend all this time answering unasked questions by clients who don’t want to sell their house right now? Don’t forget that in the course of life most people will have something to do with buying or selling a house, be it their own, a family members estate sale or perhaps just a conversation with friends who are on the market.
Over time, your name will be associated with informative knowledge about the area, you will be the person who added value to the local area by writing about it so often that people start wanting to move there. You will become the local real estate guru.
Who will people call when they want to sell their house? Who will they discuss over dinner with friends as the agent they’ve heard good things about? I’ve thrown out a lot of junk mail without even looking at it. But I will read an interesting article to the end. I’d call the person who gave me good free information that proved they knew what they were talking about. What about you?

Contributor: Beth Baldwin

Beth is available for ongoing work or one-off articles. Beth is the perfect person to write content for your website or to spruce up what you already have. You can view Beth’s skills and writing style on her website

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