Real Estate Social Media Marketing Mistake number 2

How to Completely Revamp Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Before we move on to real estate social media marketing mistake number 2, let’s recap. In last week’s blog post, I talked about the biggest mistake agents make with their real estate social media posts.  If you haven’t read that article you can catch it here.

Takeaways from that article were:

  • Be clear about who you serve. Specifically, what you provide. Remember that selling or buying a home is one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions that they will ever make. Connect with your clients by helping them to navigate the waters.
  • Your real estate digital marketing plan should focus on real estate social media content that is high quality and off value to them. Your followers won’t care if you have sold every home in your area. What they will care about is that they can trust you and that you have their back. This should be the cornerstone of your real estate social media strategy. Provide value.
  • Include videos, share articles, blog posts, industry news and checklists. And stop making it all about your listings and your sales. Self promotion posts should be no more than 20% of your total digital marketing strategy.

Let’s move on to the next tip.

Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Mistake # 2

Not sorting your Facebook friends into lists.

That’s right, Facebook lets you sort your followers into specific lists or categories. This means that instead of bombarding friends and family you can segment them into groups and only share content that is specific to them.
Examples of lists could be, family and friends, past clients, current clients, referrers, sphere of influence, connectors, hot stock and pipeline sellers (if you’re lucky enough to have these people as a friend on Facebook), buyers who need to buy, those who live locally, out of area, the options are endless.
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Facebook Lists = More effective Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Lists allow you to specifically target those who are interested in your message. This lets you share a certain piece of content with those that will resonate with it. Let’s say that you are about to launch a new listing. You can prepare your Facebook post and send it out to your, buyers who need to buy, list.

On the other hand, if you were to share something like a funny real estate meme you would likely send that out to all of your lists. A local restaurant running a competition to win a dinner for two on Valentine’s Day should have you sharing that with those who live locally list.

The following statistics shared by Sprout Social highlight the importance of sharing the right content to the right audience. Not every one of your audience, or followers will want the same information. That is why lists are essential.


This very quick video will walk you through the steps of how to make a Facebook list in less than 5 minutes.

One of the biggest turn off’s for followers is too much self-promotion. 57% of followers are annoyed with too many promotions. 41% will unfollow a brand that doesn’t share relevant information.

In real estate you are your brand. Don’t damage it with social media marketing that comes across as egotistical.  This image by Sprout Social sheds light on what customers find annoying.

Sprout Social also went on to say …

Being annoyed is one thing, but what causes people to actually unfollow a brand? First, let’s explore what gets them to follow you in the first place. 73% of people surveyed said that liking a brand on social starts with being interested in a brand’s products or services.

Outside of basic interest, people want something more from your brand. The majority of followers will come to your social profile looking for deals and promotions (58%) or incentives (42%). However, as we quickly uncovered, neither tactic will get them to stick around. Keep that in mind as you’re developing your social strategy–create content that actually means something to your audience.

Furthermore, 25% of people started following you so they could have a two-way dialogue with your brand. People want to interact with your brand. They want to interact with you. Putting followers into lists lets you craft the right message for the right audience. Your audience will be far more receptive then if you are just blanket markting to the masses.

Tips for your Real Estate Facebook Page

1. Sort friends into lists

Sort your friends into lists. This way you can be sure that you are providing relevant and engaging content that your audience wants. Don’t risk being unfollowed because they are not interested in your message.

2. Reply to every comment

And do so as soon as possible. If someone takes the time to comment, this is your chance to start a conversation. As shown in the above image, 15 people in every 100 unfollow a brand because they felt ignored. Interact and engage with your audience. 

TIP: if someone replies, don’t reply with a reply. Instead, make a new comment. Commenting on comments, instead of replying to comments gives a better result as each comment counts as an individual comment, whereas replies apparently do not. This has something to do with the Facebook Algorithm

3. Use engaging images

Stock photos have their place but choose local images over stock photos where appropriate. Local images will engage your audience and will allow them to relate immediately.

You can source, free and relatively inexpensive photos for commercial use at Pixabay, Unsplash and my favorite, Canva.

If you are committed to improving your real estate social media marketing efforts, you need to segment your list. This video will take you through the steps. It’s less than 5 minutes long and well worth it.


This article is part two, of a three-part series.  You can find Part 1 here. In Part 3 I will cover your real estate digital marketing strategy. To be notified when Part 3 is available you can subscribe to my updates.

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